Watercolours created using the wet into wet technique. See more ideas about Water colors, Watercolor paintings and Watercolour paintings.Peter Sheeler uploaded and posted 10 months ago This Pen and wash demonstrates drawing and painting a Colorful Houses with a minimum of colour mixing. It is suitable for beginners and seasoned artist.The wet-into-wet wash – painting on a wet surface and letting colors blend as they may – is the essence of transparent watercolor painting. I like to call it "controlled accidents." Control comes from knowing the amount of water on the surface and how to use it. paper texture and weight also.When painting wet into wet, the surface must be evenly moist but not so wet that there are puddles. The paper should have an even sheen with no visible dry areas showing. To check, look at the paper with your eyes at an angle low to the surface. I use a 3-inch synthetic brush saturated with water to wet the paper.

This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCMuRzDygQE, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrC8hQc6kC0CbOid3iqU54KPNMbShHlE.Wet-into-wet Watercolor Portrait Study Step by Step – Art by Yevgenia Watts Partly because of the mounting pressure (grandparents, friends, random people who make the connection between the artist and the baby) to paint my beautiful baby daughter, and partly because I just needed to paint something and enjoy it, I made this little wet-into.Which is why we have People’s Choice. I would highly recommend these pencils to the beginner as well as the most advanced colorist because of the high quality. I have also used several blending and."White" in a watercolor painting is the lightest color/value in your painting. Since white flower petals generally reflect the colors around them, they offer a fun opportunity to play with wet-in-wet painting in two ways, letting the colors blend on the paper and using a brush stroke of water to carry diluted pigment into the petals.Damage to OPPONENT per battle ranges from: 100-killed totally. experiment and see what teams suit you. My Darkness team kills anything light, no matter how high it’s HP is (Ex: 3150 HP and I killed it.